EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) — Apartment residents in East Liverpool are concerned about their parking.

Neighbors of the Market Street Lofts received notices on their vehicles, stating they are parked in city spots.

Signs were posted on the street corner saying no residents could park in front of the building. However, residents say they’ve been told they can park there by apartment management.

Some residents who park in front of the building have handicap accessibilities and use its only elevator there.

One resident feels it’s only this apartment building the city is targeting.

“Eleven cars that have tickets on it,” says Dianne Washington. “[The city is] picking on people with disabilities. They’re not picking on the people down the street who … come up here and park all day long.”

There are only 3 handicapped spots behind the apartments.

Washington says she’d be willing to pay a permit to park in front of the building, but the city of East Liverpool has no plans to charge residents for those spots.

First News reached out to the apartment’s management and received no response.