EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) — An East Liverpool man faced a long road when he found out he needed both a new liver and a new kidney, but thanks to his donors, he’s getting a second chance.

The donors? His two sons.

East Liverpool native Jon Montgomery said last year, he started losing weight out of nowhere. Clothes started fitting looser, and he couldn’t eat.

“It was apparent that something was wrong,” Jon Montgomery said. “We found out that that my liver had failed, so that was the biggest moment for us. We were scared.”

Even scarier — not long after, Jon learned that his kidneys were failing, too. Jon’s condition got worse fast. Because he needed a double transplant, his doctors at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center said his best chance was a living donor.

So his sons, Christopher and Jonathan, got tested.

“I knew that I would probably be a good chance of matching,” Christopher Montgomery said. “I didn’t even think about it twice, about whether I would want to do it or not.”

Both were a match.

“I FaceTimed [Christopher] and said, ‘Are you ready to do this? … I just heard that I was a match. Are you ready to do this?'” Jonathan Montgomery said. “We were both in tears.”

Jonathan donated a portion of his liver, and Christopher donated a kidney. They say their dad is their best friend, and they never second-guessed the decision that saved their father’s life.

“I just wanted him to be around, so whatever I could do to do that, it’s worth it, you know?” Jonathan Montgomery said.

All three had surgery Aug. 1. Months later, they’re recovering well.

“Living donation saved my life,” Jon Montgomery said. “What they did — it was selfless on their end — but … that’s the reason I’m here today, is because of their donation.”