EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – The walkout at East Liverpool City Hospital continues. The nurses strike is now in its third and final day.

They’ll return without a contract.

The nurses have been outside of the hospital picketing since Saturday morning. They say they’re underpaid and overworked, and they just want to be treated fairly.

“We want to be there for our community and our patients. We want to be able to best serve them, but to be honest, we need to have the numbers to do it, and that is what a lot of this is about,” said nurse Ashlee Severs.

Union representatives say they’ve filed unfair labor practice charges against the hospital. They’ve already extended their current contract twice during the pandemic but when asked to extend another two weeks, the hospital told them no.

Union representatives say they offered to end the strike before it even started if the hospital had given them a two-week extension but, again, were told no.

Nurses will head back to work Tuesday morning.

“We’re ready,” Severs said. “We want to come to a contract that best suits our nurses that are taking care of the community and, hopefully, they’re able to come back to us.”

The nurses say if the negotiations don’t start back up again, they could strike again but say that’s a last resort.

When they go back, they won’t be under contract and will keep their current pay rate and benefits.

East Liverpool City Hospital said it does not have a scheduled date to continue negotiations. The hospital sent the following statement:

During the strike, we have continued to serve the community with quality patient care. We are grateful to our staff who came to work and to the replacement nurses who are providing excellent care and service. We look forward to reaching an agreement that benefits our staff and all members of the community, and are committed to ensuring the quality of care that has earned East Liverpool City Hospital continued accolades as “100 Top Hospital” in the nation from IBM Watson Health.”