EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s a new look along 4th Street after a $1.6 million project in East Liverpool.

“The road was just totally caving in. It was like you were on a pinball machine. You were the ball in the pinball machine driving down this road,” said David Dawson, safety and service director in East Liverpool.

The Hot Dog Shoppe has been right on the corner for over 50 years. It was started by Ray Trevelline, so the road was honorarily named for him.

“Probably three of four decades of a relationship with him the city’s had, so it’s only right we honor him,” said Mayor Greg Bricker.

“Here I am 82 years old and I’ve just had a marvelous life because I’m surrounded with marvelous people,” said Trevelline.

The road has been closed since October as part of an Ohio Department of Transportation project.

The project includes the restoration of 4th Street’s brick paver street from Market and Broadway, construction of new sidewalks, crosswalks, street lighting, drainage improvement, waterline replacement and Americans With Disabilities-compliant ramps.

While digging up the road, construction workers found hundreds of railroad ties from the old trolley system, but they never found a legendary tunnel between the old Travers Hotel and the Ceramic Amphitheatre.

“To bring the famous people that came down to perform from the hotel to the theatre back and forth,” Dawson said.

The restoration of all 15 rows of bricks on each side of the street was to retain a vintage look on 4th Street, honoring its history and recognizability in the area.

“Those were refurbished, cleaned to be put on the road for the historical part of it and the brand new bricks in the center,” Dawson said.

Broadway Street was done the same way a few years ago. Now, 4th Street is shining in the spotlight and will forever carry the name of Trevelline.

“I’m just overwhelmed with the goodness of people,” Trevelline said.

The Hot Dog Shoppe handed out free hot dogs and drinks on Wednesday to help celebrate the road’s opening.