Youngstown athletic director: Player accused of punching coach should be punished

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Police said Coach Marrow’s glasses were broken and his eye was hurt

East High Football Coach Brian Marrow, Youngstown

East Football Coach Brian Marrow

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The athletic director for Youngstown City Schools says there should be consequences for the East High football player accused of punching his head coach several times during a football game last Friday.

“For a circumstance like that, there’s no doubt there has to be consequences,” said Athletic Director Rick Shepas. “Those are circumstances that should never take place. I’m a respect-for-the-game individual. I definitely support consequences.”

Shepas would not say what he thought the consequences should be.

“Obviously, we do not tolerate such behavior and the student is being referred for discipline,” said Denise Dick, spokesperson for the city schools.

East High School football Coach Brian Marrow filed a police report over the weekend, saying one of his players punched him several times during the game against Chaney.

Shepas did not see what happened but said it occurred early in the second quarter after a 17-year-old junior was automatically ejected for removing his helmet while on the field.

In the report taken the day after the game, Marrow said the player — who is a Youngstown City student attending Mahoning County High School — started punching him in the face after being thrown out of the game.

According to the report, other coaches separated the two.

Police said Marrow’s glasses were broken and his eye was hurt.

Shepas said Marrow remained on the sideline and coached East until the game ended.

“I basically just watched coach’s behavior, just to see how it was,” Shepas said. “He didn’t show any signs of any unusual behavior.”

Marrow told police he waited until the next day to file the report because he had several things to attend to after the game.

We tried contacting Marrow, but never heard back.

Shepas said the player accused of hitting the coach only plays football. He said no decision has been made about whether the student will be allowed to play next year.

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