(WKBN) — Some people might be on their third day of “Dry January, a month during which people pledge to not drink alcohol, be it for health or personal reasons.

According to the Coalition for a Drug-Free Mahoning County, any time we are able to endure a period of abstinence from alcohol, our bodies are able to detox. This can improve our overall quality of life, especially coming out of a period like the holidays, which are often centered around parties and alcohol.

There are several health benefits associated with taking a break from alcohol.

On top of skin benefits, weight loss and improved sleep cycles, abstaining from alcohol improves decision-making and provides more clarity — not only around navigating social situations, but in examining your relationship with alcohol.

“Coming through COVID, we saw an increase of about 25% increased alcohol use for adults. Interestingly, [for] adults with elementary school-aged children, that use went up about 50%,” says Angela DiVito, executive director of the Coalition for a Drug-Free Mahoning County.

DiVito says if “Dry January” feels good, you may even decide you enjoy not drinking and may maintain that lifestyle all year long or for certain periods throughout the year.