Driving in the cold: What you need to know

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There are extra precautions drivers should take if they have to drive in the bitter cold. First, be prepared in case you have to get out of your vehicle. 

Keep in mind that batteries are tasked in the bitter cold and are most susceptible to breakdowns. According to AAA, batteries will rarely warn you before it fails.

Fluids in vehicles can thicken. That makes it hard to get those fluids to the components that need them. Make sure your vehicle’s fluids are topped off.  

Washer fluid has an antifreeze ingredient in it, but it has its limit in bitter cold. Never operate your wipers with ice on the windshield. It can break windshield wipers.

Tire pressure can also be impacted by the cold, which could make getting a flat easier. Make sure to check inflation of tires before you head out. 

Never warm up your vehicle in an enclosed area and avoid using your parking brake in extreme cold. 

In the event you have car trouble during extreme temperatures. Stay inside your vehicle and call for help. If you have to get out, make sure you have an emergency kit in your car that includes blankets, water, jumper cables, hand warmers, and winter clothing. 

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