Dr. Levine supporters hope asst. health secretary position allows understanding, trust

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Continuing to follow her are the same negative comments about her appearance as a transgender woman

(WKBN) – President Joe Biden has nominated Pennsylvania’s top health leader to be an assistant secretary of health. If confirmed by the Senate, Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine would be the highest-ranking transgender official in the United States government.

Dr. Levine’s supporters want people who may feel uncomfortable to understand it.

“There’s no reason for people to not listen to her sound medical advice,” said Daniel Tirabassi, with Full Spectrum Community Outreach, an LGBTQ+ resource center.

Continuing to follow her are the same negative comments about her appearance as a transgender woman.

“We’re constantly getting comments or actions against us that kind of try to weigh us down,” Tirabassi said.

Tirabassi is no stranger to these comments, being a transgender man himself.

“You always kind of worry about what people think of you, that’s just human nature, but as a transgender person, you think that more,” Tirabassi said.

In July, we covered a similar story about the negativity aimed at Dr. Levine’s identity, speaking with Sharon resident Kevin Ulatowski.

“I’m actually really shocked over the negativity,” Ulatowski said.

Ulatowski is an administrator for the Mercer County LGBTQA+ Facebook group.

As Dr. Levine takes on this new role, Ulatowski said he hopes “the whole transgender issue is completely taken out of the conversation.”

Ulatowski and Tirabassi believe that Dr. Levine is the best fit for the role.

“We have trust in the LGBTQ community to give them these very important positions because we know that they have the skillset and the knowledge to handle these things,” Tirabassi said.

They say the appointment shows us how the country is taking steps forward when it comes to acceptance.

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