YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Construction in downtown Youngstown is causing another portion of Federal Street to close. This time, it’s for 20 Federal Place.

This is now the third section of Federal Street that is closed due to construction. The most recent closure began Monday morning. Confusion and frustration continue for downtown businesses.

“One day, one road is closed, another day, another is closed, you know? We kinda have no time frame of when anything is going to be done,” said Joey Mamounis with Avalon Downtown.

Mamounis is frustrated over the most recent road closure. Monday morning, crews blocked off West Federal Street between Phelps and Market streets.

“So what they’re doing now is part of the demolition and remediation project for 20 Federal. They’re taking some rooftop units and some equipment, transformers and such off the roof. So obviously they need a crane to do so. So this is the only part to reach it from,” said Charles Shasho, deputy director of Public Works in Youngstown.

Shasho says this could take up to two weeks, however…

“It could be two weeks, it could be, you know, how long has Commerce Street been torn up? What’s going on with that over there?” Mamounis asked.

“It’s very inconvenient, but I know it’s going to come out to be great. But just not having access to our store or our businesses is a little, definitely a big inconvenience,” said Erin Lonsway, owner of Bella Amica Boutique next to the Avalon.

Lonsway’s store only has the one entrance on West Federal. Avalon, on the other hand…

“The rear entrance has been put in with Avalon’s own money. It was to kinda combat this parking construction, all these problems we’ve had downtown,” Mamounis said.

Shasho says he is working with the local businesses at this time.

“We have, detours are posted. We’ll try to put some additional pedestrian details up,” Shasho said.

“We’ve had all these road closures downtown and we haven’t had, one time, anyone from the city administration come in and ask, ‘How can we help you through it?'” Mamounis said.

A construction worker on site said he thinks they will be done with work sooner than two weeks.

As far as communication with the city goes, The Federal is also upset with the lack of it.