Don’t wait until it’s too late to take care of icicles hanging off your house

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All of the ice adds unwanted weight on your rafters and gutters

POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – With the recent freeze-thaw cycle, icicles have been popping up everywhere and could cause damage to your house.

They may be pretty to look at, but the ice and snow we’re seeing this week could be causing problems for your home long after the warm weather returns.

To some, long icicles dripping in the sunshine may have a beauty to them, but when Eric Dando sees them, he’s thinking something else.

“Like you see, this ice buildup, what damage that could cause year after year?” he said.

Eric and his son, Cain Dando, run EZ Gutter Service. They were out in Poland on Wednesday checking a condo complex for signs of trouble as what’s frozen outside could be melting underneath.

“There’s no telling where that water could travel until you have a leak and by that time, you’re gonna be in a lot more… a lot more work, a lot more material,” Cain said.

Aside from having icicles fall on their own and hurt whoever might be under them at the time, the Dandos say all this ice adds unwanted weight.

“The aluminum, the wood, the fascia wood that attaches to the rafters of your house, that’s all physical strain,” Cain said.

As part of the inspection, Eric does a little preventative maintenance by tapping on the house and before long, all of the icicles are down.

“Just that right there, you’d be surprised the weight that just came off those by me tapping those few icicles that were there,” Eric said.

The Dandos recommend checking downspouts and gutters to make sure they’re free of debris as well as buying relatively inexpensive electric de-icing cables that can keep ice from building up.

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