CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Tuesday marks the first official day of summer and it’s going to be a hot one. Local auto shops are advising customers on ways to keep your car from overheating in the summer and the importance of keeping up with your car’s maintenance.

Chris Haus, owner of Haus Auto in Boardman, says there are ways to keep your car from overheating. He advises cracking the windows a bit before you get in and letting the air conditioning run a bit before you jump in and take off, especially if the vehicle has been sitting in the sun all day.

Haus said tinted windows are good for deflecting the sun’s heat.

“A lot of cars have factory tint in the rear windows. You can always tint the front windows. Based on what your state allows you to do, you can sometimes tint the front windshield,” he said.

Taking care of your car is like taking care of your health. Regular service is necessary to keep things running correctly.

“Your car comes with a temperature gauge if things get too hot, shut it off immediately,” he said. “Get your oil changed regularly. Get your fluids changed regularly. Get your brakes checked. The alignment on your car is not different than an alignment on your back.” Haus said.

According to AAA, overlooked maintenance contributes to millions of service calls. Things that can be vulnerable to heat include: (Source: AAA Ohio)

  • Battery – Extreme heat can hinder the chemical processes inside car batteries, making it hard for them to hold a charge and produce enough power. Hot temperatures may even cause your battery fluid to evaporate faster than normal. When this occurs, heat degrades a battery’s interior components, making it more likely to corrode. Plus, the combination of summer heat and typical vibrations caused by driving can break down your battery at an accelerated pace.
  • Tires – Changes in temperature can affect tire pressure, which can cause uneven wear and shorten the life of a tire. Driving on underinflated tires can cause tires to overheat and increase the likelihood of a blowout. This problem becomes even more of a concern when road temperatures are extremely high.
  • Engine starting – In extreme heat, your car may not start because of issues with your fuel. When your engine is too hot, fuel cannot circulate well, making it difficult for your engine to start. To keep your engine running at the correct temperature, make sure to maintain your coolants.

Ways to avoid heat-related breakdowns include:

  • Check the battery twice a year and know how much life you have left in your battery
  • Check tire pressure monthly and always after the car has been resting for a long time
  • Maintain the engine cooling system. Over time coolant degrades along with components
  • Get an oil change on time and just before summer
  • Top off fluids
  • Pay attention to the air conditioner. If you’ve noticed a decrease in cooling capacity, have it looked at by a mechanic

Getting those things checked out can save you money in the long run.

Patty Coller contributed to this report.