BERLIN CENTER, Ohio (WKBN) — Dominion Energy has an ambitious goal – zero net emissions by 2050.

To achieve that goal they have a pilot project in Berlin Center where they’re growing bio-mass sorghum.

It’s a special kind that absorbs larger amounts of carbon dioxide from the air than regular sorghum.

After harvesting, the sorghum will be converted into bio-charcoal to be spread back over the field so those nutrients aren’t lost.

Sorghum will be replanted every year and harvested by a local farmer.

“It’s going to grow very fast, very tall. This is supposed to get 20 foot tall — it’s maybe about 10 foot tall right now. It’s going to capture a lot more carbon dioxide than standard trees and plants. This plant here is supposed to capture four times as much carbon dioxide as an equivalent acre of trees,” said Mia Magby with Dominion.

If the project is successful, there could be fields of sorghum popping up in states where Dominion Energy operates.