BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Two dogs are safe after crews rescued them at Lake Newport.

The dogs had been stuck on a small island.

A boat went out to get them, and the dogs were rescued by Animal Charity agents Jessica MacMurchy and Jane MacMurchy and Deputy Dog Wardens Tara Girty and Dave Nelson.

“We were literally in court just before this, and we all just took out running,” Jane MacMurchy said.

“A passerby said that he had seen them on that island yesterday, but nobody knew that that was quite an island until today,” she added.

MacMurchy and others used a boat to get to the island. When they reached shore, the dogs ran to the back of the island, making for a difficult rescue.

“It’s actual very thick three trunks and brambles. The remainder of the island is so thick. It’s not walkable. They were having to climb over tree branches until they reached the other side of the island,” MacMurchy said.

Rescuers eventually had to get in the cold water to get the dogs. After an hour and a half, both dogs were pulled into the boat and rowed back to the mainland

Cold from frigid water, MacMurchy said the dogs will have to be fed and monitored after potentially going without food for a while.

“They’re likely dehydrated. If they did intake any of this water, it’s probably full of parasites, and so they’re going to need to be treated for that,” she said.

Both dogs did suffer minor cuts from the brambles but they are safe and sound with the Mahoning County Dog Warden.