BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Two of the three dogs and both cats removed from a home on Stewart Sharon Road in Brookfield have been surrendered to the Healthy Hearts and Paws Project.

The already above-capacity shelter took in all five animals Thursday night when someone concerned with their living conditions contacted the organization.

“It broke my heart, especially the one puppy, he put his paw up and you could see all his paws and you see behind him you see all the pee and the poop and no access to food and water,” said Jason Cooke at the Healthy Hearts and Paws project.

Cooke says he was contacted by two women who were asked to clean the house after they found the animals living in filth.

“They walked into just a complete nightmare I mean the stench was overpowering them there were dogs in crates that was just filled with feces and urine there’s trash everywhere,” said Cooke.

Cooke says he called Brookfield Police who met him and the women at the house. In a police report, Officers noted the house was extremely hot, smelled strongly of animal feces, and had trash piled up.

“This isn’t something that just happened overnight this has been going on for quite a while so somebody had to know what was going on and maybe if they spoke up sooner they wouldn’t have gotten to this point,” said Cooke.

Police issued the home’s tenant Julieann Daigle a summons.

According to a police report, she told officers she left the house in the care of her ex-girlfriend while she went on vacation a few weeks ago. When she returned she found it in deplorable condition and felt overwhelmed.

She claims only two of the animals were hers.

Credit: Healthy Hearts & Paws Project

All five animals are now in the care of the Healthy Hearts and Paws Project.