Dog pound was almost empty now it’s full, here’s why

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Mahoning County Dog Pound says the amount of dogs they have taken in the past few weeks has tripled.

They are seeing more strays coming in each day. They think there could be a few reasons why.

When it’s hot, dogs tend to hide but now that the weather is nicer, they start to come out more.

People are going back to work and kids are going back to school. They say the staff is thinned out and this is making it hard on them and the dogs.

“Staff is then thinned out trying to take care of multiple dogs and obviously, it’s not as easy on the dogs either. We were able to spend more time with them one on one, taking them on walks, getting them out to play. When there are a lot of dogs, there are that many more dogs that need fed, cleaned and walked. There is just not as much time in the day to spend that quality time,” said Mahoning County Dog Warden Sarah Csepeggi.

The dog warden has about 60 dogs right now, about 40 are up for adoption.

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