WEATHERSFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – A dog rescued Monday evening after it was found with a serious leg injury has had to have its leg amputated, according to Animal Welfare League, but is recovering.

It has also tested positive for Lyme disease and is being treated with medication. So far, $1,300 has been raised for its care.

The dog was found walking along Watson-Marshal Road in Weathersfield a little after 7 p.m. when Cris Bowser says she saw it as she was driving home. It had a thin piece of rope around its neck and appeared to be hurt.

“Yelled to it and it turned and looked at me so I saw that there was something wrong with its leg. I parked my car and called into over to me and that’s when I saw the extensive injury to its leg,” said Cris Bowser.

It appeared as if something cut one of the dog’s hind legs down to the bone.

Bowser called police and officers stayed with her and the dog until a worker with the Animal Welfare League game took the dog to its shelter.

At this point, authorities have not found the dog’s owner.