(WKBN) – Black Friday has come and gone. The unofficial holiday brings in crowds to local shopping centers and malls. Besides great deals, why do we decide to fight the crowds on Black Friday?

There are always big crowds and long lines. The reward is amazing sales. People look forward to the unofficial holiday every year. But why?

It comes down to psychology. Doctors say the chemicals in our brain drive us to our primal instincts. They blame on chemical in particular, dopamine.

“The rush and the flood of dopamine that we get which is kind of that, it really hits that kind of feel good and instantaneous kind of desire to kind of well, purchase things in this context,” said Dr. Matthew Sacco at the Cleveland Clinic.

We feel the fear of missing out. The idea of seeing others taking part in the excitement makes us crave being there too. Plus, the limited supply deals also create a similar rush.

This primal need to be part of this excitement can also lead to buyer’s remorse. Luckily, there are easy ways to return items or even try to sell it to someone else.

Either way, experts say its best if you shop with a friend and budget accordingly.

The downside is that the busiest shopping day of the year can also bring out the worst in some people. Black Friday crowds are large, which means you are less likely to bump into everyone you know.

“There’s a certain level of anonymity that they believe they have in that process as well, where, you know, I am with a hundred, two hundred, three hundred people through the door, no one is going to know that it’s me,” said Dr. Sacco.

Doctors say this kind of behavior typically occurs as a result of the primal side of our brains.
We naturally get wrapped up into group mentality.

With Black Friday behind us, you may be feeling some buyer’s remorse. Doctors say you aren’t alone. Luckily, lots of stores have made it easy to make those exchanges and returns.