(WKBN) – The first day of fall is Thursday. That means shorter days and cooler temperatures are coming.

A change in season comes with a change in health concerns.

Some people struggle with seasonal depression this time of year, otherwise known as the winter blues.
According to the American Psychiatric Association, 5% of American adults experience seasonal depression.

For those adults who experience symptoms, they generally last for 40% of the year.

Seasonal depression more commonly affects women and young adults.

“Being outdoors does something for our bodies and definitely helps us to try and combat that. Even if it’s cloudy, try to get out as best as you can,” said Dr. Anthony Russo. “As life goes on, we definitely all have anxiety moments and the winner blues doesn’t help those–having a great support system, friends, family, whoever.”

Local resources and hotlines are always available for anyone struggling mentally this season.