YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The honeymoon stage of the marriage between General Motors and LG Energy’s Ultium Cells may be over.

The two have reportedly parted ways on plans to build a battery plant in Indiana, and industry experts are reporting that a part of the reason could be the unionization process the two companies didn’t agree on for the Lordstown facility.

According to a January 2023 report by GM Authority, LG is “deterred” by GM’s EV timetable calling for one million EV vehicles to be built annually by 2025. Also, LG and GM disagreed over the voting process the United Auto Workers Union used in Lordstown to unionize the plant.

Not only that, but LG took the hit in 2021 when 140,000 Chev Bolt EV and EUV batteries were recalled because of fire danger. The recall cost about $1 billion.

So, LG is pulling back from its plan to build a battery plant in Carlisle, Indiana with GM, but the auto giant is talking to other manufacturers and plans to build the battery plant anyway, according to a report in the Detroit News.

GM is still on track with Ultium for plants in Spring Hill, Tennesse, which is scheduled to open later this year and another near Lansing, Michigan that will open in 2024.

GM officials have said that they are still working with LG and plan to continue that partnership through its EV revolution.