DeWine mentions Youngstown shooting in address, calls for passage of gun legislation

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DeWine specifically mentioned the shooting Sunday in the city where three people were killed and others injured

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine mentioned Youngstown Monday during his coronavirus address.

DeWine specifically mentioned the shooting Sunday in the city where three people were killed and others injured.

The governor called, once again, for the legislature to pick up his STRONG Ohio bill.

“I’ve talked with Tito (Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown), I’ve talked with Ohio mayors about violence in their communities. What you find in many, many cases is that it is the same people committing violence time after time. I don’t care what the legislature calls it, but the framework is there. Not just the framework, but the bill is there in front of the legislature to go after repeat violent offenders and get them out of our communities,” DeWine said. ” I am confident the legislature will look at this bill and pass it this year.”

Key components of the bill will:

  • Create a process in Ohio law, similar to the current probate court process that directs those suffering from severe mental health conditions into court-ordered treatment, to give hospitals and courts a better ability to help those who are legally declared to be a danger to themselves or others due to drug dependency or chronic alcoholism;
  • Ensure that citizens have full due process at all probate court hearings;
  • Ensure that those legally declared by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others do not have access to firearms;
  • Give family members of those who may be a danger to themselves or others because of drug dependency or chronic alcoholism the ability to more easily petition the probate court for court-ordered treatment;
  • Mandate that law enforcement agencies and courts enter certain protection orders and arrest warrants for serious crimes into state and federal law enforcement databases to ensure more accurate background check results;
  • Create a new private-sale background check process that will increase the number of background checks conducted in Ohio while also protecting the privacy of law-abiding gun owners;
  • Create a legal safe harbor for firearms sellers who require private-sale background checks;
  • Increase penalties for those who sell or provide a firearm to someone legally prohibited from possessing a gun;
  • Give judges a range of sentences for felony cases in which a gun was either possessed, brandished, or used;
  • Increase the penalty for those who are found with a gun while legally prohibited from possessing a firearm;
  • Increase the penalty for selling a gun to a minor;
  • Increase penalties for straw purchases and knowingly possessing a straw-purchased gun.

DeWine said the bill would give judges leeway in sentencing and “it will save lives.”

“If these repeat offenders are found in possession of a gun, we should be able to throw the book at them and get them out of our communities. The bill we presented to the legislature will do that,” DeWine said.

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