DeWine, Cordray continue to battle for Valley’s votes hours before Election Day

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We’re now a little more than 24 hours away from seeing polls close in Ohio. The candidates for governor and their surrogates are still trying to spread their messages.

Republican Mike DeWine made an early morning visit to our studio before heading off to Cleveland for an appearance with President Trump Monday afternoon.

DeWine stressed his record on supporting health care, especially dealing with pre-existing conditions.

“Seven different times I’ve voted in favor of coverage, making sure the insurance companies had to cover pre-existing illness. I’m on record seven separate times. Cordray’s never voted on that,” DeWine said.

While Cordray and the Democratic ticket were in western Ohio on Monday, Valley State Senator Joe Schiavoni was acting as a surrogate for the Cordray camp.

He said DeWine’s record over his years in Washington and Columbus is a mixed bag.

“At the end of the day, I think the facts are pretty clear that Mike DeWine was not for Medicaid expansion. He has not been for protecting people with pre-existing conditions.”

Both sides admit Ohio’s Issue 1 looms large over Tuesday’s results, with both Cordray and DeWine blaming each other for not doing enough to address the state’s opioid epidemic while serving as attorney general — the job DeWine now holds.

“He was the attorney general while all this stuff was happening,” Schiavoni said of DeWine. “He could have really been pushing and fighting for this.”

While DeWine claims he now has a comprehensive plan, he argues his opponent does not.

“His plan is State Issue 1, which…would be a total disaster,” DeWine said.

“Rick is a ‘yes,’ DeWine is a ‘no’ but DeWine is trying to say that this is Cordray’s issue and I think that’s disingenuous,” Schiavoni said.

In the end, Schiavoni admits the winner is likely to see a continuing strong Republican majority in the General Assembly, making working together even more important.

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