BIG BEAVER, Pa. (WKBN) — As clean-up efforts are underway for a train derailment that left the city of East Palestine in disarray, there’s another nearby town still waiting for the debris to be hauled away.

On Shenango Road in Big Beaver, right underneath the Beaver Valley Expressway overpass, you’ll see some debris left behind from a train derailment that happened in February 2022. This is roughly 10 miles east of the devastating train derailment in East Palestine that happened in early February of this year.

Several rail cars are still there, along with pieces of steel piled up near the railway.

First News reached out to Norfolk Southern about the debris and was told the cleanup was scheduled for this month but was delayed due to the situation in East Palestine. 

“We know scrap like this can be an eye-sore for the community. When trains derail, they sometimes are carrying goods for customers. Those customers then work with us to determine whether those goods are salvageable, need to be scrapped, etc. That can sometimes take a significant amount of time, delaying the removal of those goods and other scrap from the site. We are aware of this area and it is on our list for cleanup to be finished soon,” said Connor Spielmaker, communications manager for Norfolk Southern. 

At this time it is unclear what type of material was being carried on the derailed cars. 

According to the Times, the derailment happened on Feb. 23, 2022. The article states that Norfolk Southern had 30 days to submit a report to the Federal Railroad Administration, which would then post the report on the FRA Safety Data & Reporting website three months after the initial incident.

However, we checked that website and data only goes up to 2021 and no report on this derailment can be found.

The Times states that the derailment was caused by excessive lateral drawback force on the curve and eight cars derailed. 

First News reached out to several town and county officials but has not heard back.