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Deputies called for beer-throwing incident at Trumbull County Fair

It happened during the Northern Whiskey concert

CORTLAND, Ohio (WKBN) - Trumbull County Sheriff's deputies were called to the Trumbull County Fair on Tuesday to handle a dispute that involved beer throwing.

It happened during the Northern Whiskey concert. 

A man told deputies that he was "assaulted" by fair staff during a concert at the grandstand. He alleged that they used excessive force when escorting him out of the grandstands. 

The man's daughter told police that kids sitting behind them kicked her father's beer over, and her father said something to their parents, who then threw beer on him. She said her father threw beer back at them, and he was forcibly taken from the stands by two employees. 

She told investigators that her father, who had a neck injury, had bruises on his arms as a result.

Deputies said the man was allowed to return to the grandstands and watch the show with another beer. 

No one was charged. 

This is the first year that the Trumbull County Fair began selling beer. 

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