YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Hundreds of blighted buildings are now set to be torn down in Mahoning County, thanks to a grant from the state.

The county is receiving nearly $7 million to knock down about 600 structures in Youngstown, Campbell and other locations.

“With this round of funding, I don’t think we have a backlog anymore of housing that needs to be demolished,” said Deb Flora, executive director of the Mahoning County Land Bank.

Administrators with the Mahoning County Land Bank spearheaded the application process, getting the county and the cities of Youngstown and Campbell to put up the needed $2 million matching share. The money is part of a $500 million line item in the last biennium budget, earmarked specifically for housing demolition and brownfield cleanup.

Flora said at one point more than a decade ago, Youngstown led the nation in the percentage of blighted and abandoned homes — a problem she thinks began soon after the Valley’s infamous “Black Monday” steel mill closures. The state money could help the area turn the corner.

“We’re not going to talk about residential demolition need like we have for the past 12 or so years,” Flora said.

While Youngstown and Campbell have the bulk of the properties to be torn down, eight others will receive money as well, allowing them to redirect funds initially set aside for demolition.

You can find a full list of properties to be demolished here.