CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – Demolition has begun on the old company homes in Campbell.

In total, roughly 70 units will come down within the next month.

Friday, a demo crew began tearing down one row of six units.

The demolition is being carried out by both the city of Campbell and the Mahoning County Land Bank. Campbell Mayor Bryan Tedesco said he is happy to see them come down and hopes that they can use that space for some type of park in the future.

The Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company Homes were built in 1918 to house steel mill workers and their families. They were the first of their kind to be built.

Now, roughly 50 residents still live in some of the units, while the other units are vacant. Some residents have fought to preserve the history of the site and to try and save the homes.

Mayor Tedesco said he would like to see a few of the units saved and turned into some type of museum.