‘Day doesn’t stop. Remember that, Youngstown’: YSU student’s saying now on t-shirt

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A new t-shirt is going around YSU’s campus and who knows where it’s headed next. It has a quote that was heard on our news station — before spreading around the world.

Youngstown has a new favorite son and his name is Giacamo Cappabianca. He’s a YSU student who shared some inspiration in December, right after the university lockdown ended.

When the lockdown was lifted and students emerged from the buildings, we interviewed Cappabianca.

“I feel good. I’m going to go get a workout in, get ready for the day. The day doesn’t stop. Remember that, Youngstown. Day doesn’t stop. Keep going,” he said that day.

On Thursday, he got a late Christmas gift from Coach Pellini — a YSU football t-shirt with his saying on the back.

“Every time I walked by Coach Bo, he goes, ‘Day doesn’t stop. Remember that, Youngstown.’ I go, ‘Yes sir, yes sir.'”

“I said, ‘You know, that’s a great saying. We need to keep that going,'” said Director of Football Operations John Murphy.

The entire team got t-shirts with Cappabianca’s saying and plans to wear them when spring practice begins next month.

It’s an inspirational message from an Ursuline kid, which goes further than most messages you get from businesses.

“A lot of them have sayings on t-shirts. ‘We get the job done,’ ‘just finish,’ ‘just do it’ and this is kind of one we thought exemplified our university and our football program,” Murphy said.

Cappabianca hurt his knee and helped the coaching staff last season. He kept his playing spirit and uses it in a different way to help the Penguins.

His next big message may be one for the entire city.

“My goal is once I graduate with a poli sci degree, I want to get a law degree and become mayor of Youngstown, bring the city back,” Cappabianca said.

He is full of energy and when he speaks, people listen. As for the t-shirt, it may go on sale soon.

You can find more of Giacamo Cappabianca’s wisdom on social media.

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