LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – Problems with a Columbus-based computer data processing business are affecting some of the work that’s normally done at the Columbiana County Recorder’s Office.

The department uses Cott Systems to back up its information, but the company experienced a cyber attack last month that was followed by hardware problems. It left the company unable to serve its clients in nearly two dozen states.

Columbiana County Recorder Jim Armeni said none of the county’s data was breached that is kept in-house, but the issue is holding up property transfers.

“We’re all a victim. I’m a victim, the property owners are a victim that want to do transactions, the title companies, the attorneys, Cott and 22 states. This is the world we live in, and it’s reached us down at this level,” Armeni said.

Armeni says title companies and attorneys have been unable to research properties, so sales will be on hold until the problem can be fixed.

All 88 county recorders must use some form of data service. Mahoning and Trumbull counties use other providers that have not been affected.