(WKBN) — Republican Mahoning County State Rep. Al Cutrona announced Monday he will soon introduce legislation into the state legislature to exempt guns, ammunition and knives from sales tax.

“Rights guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights should not be taxed,” Cutrona said in a release.

Cutrona pointed to newspapers as an example of an item exempted from sales tax and said they have been since 1935.

“This bill is an important way to promote our rights while also helping Ohio businesses and consumers,” Cutrona continued.

If passed, it would make Ohio one of the first states with a specific sales tax exemption for goods protected by the Second Amendment. A similar law went into effect in West Virginia on July 1.

State Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan, a Democrat who also represents part of Mahoning County, said, “[Cutrona] is anti-vax, anti-mask and now wants to make guns and ammo cheaper. He’s trying to get us all killed.”