ST. CLAIR TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Crews have found two missing adults after a search of Beaver Creek State Park on Wednesday afternoon.

Just after 11 a.m., emergency responders got a call for four people missing in the park. The two kids and two adults were traveling down the walking trails when they got separated.

It took manpower and a mixture of old-school and new-school technology to find everyone.

Multiple agencies showed up from all over the county, including the highway patrol and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Crews started searching for both parties.

“From my understanding, the children were just a little ways in from the adults, playing on the trail, having fun, and they eventually got separated and went in opposite directions,” said Seth Randolph, incident commander.

Brian Hagar with ODNR said a young couple found the kids near their car.

“They knew enough to follow the trail back to where they started. They left them with me until state police and EMS showed up,” Hagar said.

The kids were found just a few minutes before noon. It would take 50 more minutes to find the adults.

“The state police, us, the fire department, EMS all went out to go look for them. Between the maps and the ping they sent to us,” Hagar said.

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It took Hagar and a trooper about 30 to 40 minutes to reach the adults. With the help of a drone, they were located. The adults were about half a mile to a mile away from the walking trail.

“That is a very heavily wooded area, even more so than the walking trail,” Randolph said.

Hagar said when the adults were found, a mother and grandmother, they were in good spirits and unharmed.

“They just got turned around a little bit and pretty much just worried for their kids,” Hagar said.