Crews demolish Youngstown house that was infested by roaches

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The house caught on fire, leading to an exodus of cockroaches roaming Glenaven Avenue

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – People along Glenaven Avenue on Youngstown’s south side have been dealing with a vacant house that caused some pretty big issues but Wednesday, they said goodbye.

What used to be an abandoned house that became a nuisance for neighbors is now completely gone.

The house caught on fire twice last week and the most recent fire led to an exodus of cockroaches roaming the streets.

On Wednesday, the house came down and neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief.

Theresa Bethel lives on Glenaven Avenue. She’s happy to see this house which caused a cockroach infestation torn down.

“They were in the street, it was like a whole party,” Bethel said. “It was a party and a fiesta and graduation and everything.”

The roaches spread after the home caught on fire Sunday night.

“It was a nightmare,” said Matthew Hiltey, who lives across the street.

“They were everywhere,” Bethel said. “I mean, they were pregnant, they were babies, they were just everything.”

Bethel said she felt like she was in a marching band, stomping in the streets, trying to kill them.

She wasn’t the only one trying to keep her home roach-free. It was a neighborhood effort to get the city involved.

“Every night, as soon as the sun would go down, every neighbor would come out and just spraying, bug spraying, and stomp them with their feet,” Hiltey said.

“To get the problem solved, you’ve gotta come together,” Bethel said.

Hiltey said he, like the rest of the neighborhood, is relieved to finally see the house go.

“Everyone else around here is clean so we’re just looking forward to a clean street.”

“It’s good that the city came to our rescue and tore it down,” Bethel said.

Demolition started on the house Wednesday morning and now it’s completely gone.

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