Crews board up ‘nuisance’ Youngstown bar

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A bar once labeled a nuisance by both Youngstown police and Youngstown City Council is now closed. 

Monday morning, workers were boarding up the old Last Call Bar and Grille on South Avenue.

The bar was the scene of last November’s shooting death of Colin Brown. City Council passed a resolution a month later asking the state to pull the bar’s liquor permit. 

“Clearly, bad things were happening for a long time,” said Youngstown Law Director Jeff Limbian. 

Limbian has a file on the bar, which recently changed its name to Last Chance. 

According to reports from the Youngstown Police Department, the establishment had seen eight calls for service since January — two of those for fights. There were more than two dozen calls last year, including a homicide and 14 calls involving weapons or violence.

April Brown, the November shooting victim’s sister, has been pushing for the bar to close since her brother’s death. 

“It made me very angry, I have to admit, that it was still open,” she said. “People were taking their lives in their own hands by going there.” 

Even the city’s most recent murder has a tie to the Last Call. Police confirm that Delmas Pippin, who was killed two weeks ago, worked there, although investigators are not linking the bar with the homicide.

“The ripple effect of a bad place is pretty significant on a location in a city like Youngstown if you have bad people coming to a bad place, doing bad things,” Limbian said. 

The bar’s owner has filed an appeal of the decision to deny a new permit, but it will have to stay closed at least until after that hearing.

“I’m happy that it’s closed considering the circumstances of why I want it closed. I think it is a step toward protecting the community. I do believe there is a lot of violence wrapped around that bar,” Brown said. 

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