LEAVITTSBURG, Ohio (WKBN) – The Trumbull county coroner released the identity of the man who died in a house fire Tuesday.

Daniel Redick, 66, died in the fire, though Coroner Lawrence D’Amico is still investigating the manner and cause of death.

The state fire marshal’s Fire and Explosion Investigations Bureau is working to determine how a deadly house fire in Leavittsburg started.

The fire was first reported around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday to Layer Road, between Wilda Avenue and Risher Road.

Warren Township Fire Chief Joe Natali says when crews arrived on the scene, the home was already consumed by fire. He says firefighters found the victim on a couch in a front living room area, where they believe the fire could have started.

“There were oxygen tanks, and some people that did know of him, they said he was on oxygen, and a heavy smoker, according to his family,” Natali said.

Andy Ellinger, a spokesperson for the State Fire Marshal’s Office, confirmed that a person died in the fire.

At this point, how the fire started is still unknown. The state fire marshal’s office is handling the investigation.

“The house was far involved that it’s hard to tell where it started and how it started right now from our end,” said Natali. “That’s why the state’s involved with seeing where the origin of the fire was.”

Trumbull County Coroner Dr. Lawrence D’Amico says due to the severe nature of the burns, x-rays will be used during Friday’s autopsy for a definitive identification.

  • Fatal fire on Layer Road in Newton Falls
  • Fatal fire on Layer Road in Newton Falls
  • Fatal fire on Layer Road in Newton Falls

Shawn Davidson lives down the street from the home on layer road that caught fire.

“It’s shocking. I’m still trying to get over the shock of this fire so close to home,” Davidson said.

Although he didn’t know the man who lived there personally, he says what happened has affected him.

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“I feel sorry for the family, I give the family my condolences,” Davidson said.

Noelle Haynes contributed to this report.