Each year, the WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community campaign recognizes teachers across the Valley and surprises them with $500. Teachers apply to win, then a panel picks the entries with the best ideas.

COLUMBIANA COUNTY, Ohio (WKBN) – WKBN’s third Creative Classroom winner is the Buckeye Online School for Success and math teacher Nathan DeMar.

DeMar teaches 11th and 12th-grade students online. He wants to create a “Book It” program for math. It’s a program that is already established for reading and comes with rewards and incentives, but DeMar wants to use the same principles to target math skills and goals. Once those goals are achieved, students can receive a pizza or pizza kit.

“We’ve been struggling, me and my colleagues, to find ways to reward them and also with the pandemic, given them some extra rewards. Then, also having that reward linked to their accomplishment is huge,” DeMar said.

The $500 prize will help DeMar with his math and rewards program.