YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – What started outside a South Side gas station quickly turned into something resembling a reality TV show.

It all started two weeks ago as the Youngstown Police Department was conducting its Impact Initiative, using local enforcement and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Troopers were on the ground and in the air.

According to reports, three men on dirt bikes confronted another man at the Shell Station at South Avenue and Midlothian Boulevard. One of the dirt bike drivers fired a gun before all three suspects rode off.

A short time later, troopers spotted one of the bikes matching the description given to police from the gas station incident. The helicopter followed as suspects.

OSHP pilot: “We got eyes on him. He’s poppin’ a wheelie. We are going westbound.”

OSHP Pilot: “Now passing car while doing a wheelie.”

The bike stopped at a house on East Lucius where one of the men ran into the backyard as officers were arriving on the ground.

OSHP pilot: “He went to the rear of that residence and looked like he put something under one of the vehicles. Make sure you check under the vehicles.”

Police say they’ve been plagued in the past by young men on dirt bikes and ATVs, wondering if they’ll be in for more of the same as the weather gets warmer.

“They’re basically just going out there and causing havoc,” said Lt. Robert Gentile.

Police are working on plans for the upcoming summer months to keep bikers under control.

“We’re going to have special details out, and we’re going to use some technology and partner with some other agencies,” Gentile said.

In the meantime, police say they recovered a gun stuffed into a bag in the backyard matching what troopers say they saw from the air.

The suspect, Enoch Mendoza, admitted the pistol was his, according to police. He’s now facing traffic and weapons charges.