CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The City of Canfield COVID-19 Task Force joined with the Mahoning County health commissioner to plea for the public’s help to stop the coronavirus.

Mahoning County Health Commissioner Ryan Tekac led the call for safety.

“This is not the time to gather. We, as officials can continue to put this message out here. We can put as much stuff as needed into writing. But if we do not adhere to this, we are going to continue to see rises in cases, which are going to contribute to hospitalizations and potentially deaths,” Tekac said.

Tekac spoke about the number of cases in the county, now topping 5,000.

“Seeing how cases have soared in the past 14 days, really the past month, has public health concerned,” Tekac said.

Canfield Mayor Richard Duffett and Tekac both reminded people to keep holiday celebrations small, as hard as that may be.

“Listen to these basic public health measures. Practice them. Don’t think about yourselves, think about people that are next to you and across from you,” Tekac said.

Tekac says if we can do this and slow the spread of the virus, next year we will be rewarded with a normal holiday season.

“What I am asking and what I encourage is everyone that is out here to be ambassadors of public health and to go around and spread that message,” he said.

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