(WKBN) — A Western Pennsylvania couple has created a “stinkin'” cute sensation with a passion project that’s taken off: Stinkin Cute Trees.

“Made by two old people and a dog”: That’s Lynn and Kerry Davidson’s motto, with their dog Ruby always in tow.

The couple repurposes vintage wooden doors into trees. It’s an idea Lynn came across in October 2019.

“Like every other woman in the world, you sit and scroll through Pinterest at night, and I saw one over in Germany or something,” Lynn Davidson said. “I asked my husband if he could make me one.”

From there, Stinkin Cute Trees was born.

With a joy for crafts and repurposing old furniture, the Davidsons had a booth in an antique shop in Columbiana. They decided to make a few trees and see if they would sell — and they sure did.

“We could not make enough of them,” Lynn Davidson said. “We went from making a few to making a few thousand a year.”

Lynn even left her medical job of 25 years to pursue her passion full-time. The couple says they take pride in giving these discarded doors a new life and an all-new purpose to carry on.

When it comes to the beauty of their trees, each one is handcrafted, no two the same.

“You do the things that you love, that are good to your heart, and if you love it, there’s other people that love it, too,” Lynn Davidson said. “There’s so many different things out in the world, so don’t ever think that you can’t do it. I’m in my 60s and we are doing it.”

Stinkin Cute Trees will be sold at White House Fruit Farm for the holiday season, as well as at Christmas in the Woods in Columbiana.