Couple says men stole backpacks, chased them with a knife in Liberty Twp.

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A man reported the suspects chased him after he confronted them about stealing his bag

Max Sparks and David Nelson, charged with robbery in Liberty Twp.

LIBERTY TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Two men are facing robbery charges after a man and woman reported that the suspects stole their bags and then chased them with a knife in Liberty Township.

Police were called to the parking lot near Walmart Saturday afternoon, where a caller reported he was being chased by two suspects who had a knife and who had taken his backpack the previous night.

Officers stopped the suspects, Max Sparks and David Nelson, and reported that Sparks had a large knife in a sheath on his right hip. While arresting the two, police said Nelson yelled, “I’d do it again!”

The victims told police that they had been shopping at Walmart Friday night and left their backpacks outside near a landscaping wall. They said when they were done shopping, they noticed that the bags were missing.

According to a police report, the victims said they didn’t file a report on the theft because they are “semi-homeless” and chalked the theft up to “living on the streets.”

The next day, the victims told police that they went to Taco Bell, where they noticed the suspects sitting with their belongings. They said they confronted the suspects, asking Sparks and Nelson for their items back, or they would call police.

The victims said Sparks then lifted his shirt up to show them his knife, and when they tried leaving toward Walmart, Sparks and Nelson chased them. They said Nelson was yelling, “Kill him! Stab him!” during the chase.

The victim reported that Sparks punched him in the ear before police arrived.

Police questioned the suspects and said Sparks admitted to chasing the victims after they grabbed the bag, saying he punched the man “in self-defense.” He later admitted that the man never hit him or pulled out a weapon, according to a police report.

Police spoke with the manager of Taco Bell, who reported that the suspects never ordered anything but had been sitting at a table, where they left a glass of water and several cigarette butts.

Sparks is charged with aggravated robbery while Nelson is charged with complicity.

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