CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – Six months after they were first arrested, Shawn and Courtney Kline were back in Campbell Municipal Court on animal cruelty charges.

“We have successfully negotiated and worked out a good faith Rule 11 agreement relative to this case,” said Atty. Brian Macala.

Both were accused of neglecting their nearly 400-pound pot-bellied pig named Oreo. The pig was being kept in the basement of their Chambers Avenue home.

Police say the conditions in the Klines’ basement were more like a dungeon — the animal couldn’t even stand on its own.

Police say the animal’s hooves were several inches overgrown and it was forced to lay in its own excrement.

“We went into there, it was pitch dark, so it wasn’t until we turned a light on that we saw the pig lying there. It didn’t even move or flinch,” said Campbell Police Officer Jim Conroy.

It took six officers to carry the pig out of the basement that day so it could be taken to a sanctuary in Portage County.

As both pled guilty in court, Judge Pat Cunning sentenced the pair to serve 30 days each in the Mahoning County Jail. They’ll self-report over the next several months. Shawn will report to jail on Feb. 28 and Courtney will report on April 1.

“Circumstances in this case were egregious enough that we believe that there needed to be a punishment in the form of a definite jail sentence,” Macala said.

As for Oreo, we’re told she remains at the Happy Trails Sanctuary near Ravenna, where she has been put on a diet.

“Oreo’s lost 63 pounds, is walking on her own, walks outside, ‘roots around’ is the word they used,” Conroy said.

The Klines are now prohibited from having any companion animals for the next five years.