Couple moved out of Trumbull Co. home, leaving pets behind, deputies say

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A Trumbull County couple is in trouble with the law. Sheriff’s deputies said they moved out of their home but left their pets behind.

Brittany and Jeffrey Hume are accused of leaving their pets behind at the house on Orangeville Kinsman Road in Vernon Township.

“It’s a sad event,” said Trumbull County Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich. “Animals need to be cared for properly. They weren’t doing it. They abandoned them. It was clear that they abandoned them and they had charges brought against them.”

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The Humes are each facing five counts of abandoning animals, stemming from a call deputies responded to on December 23 when someone who lived nearby could hear dogs barking.

911 caller: “My neighbors had up and moved, I want to say, like, last weekend. They left behind their two dogs.”

According to a report, when the deputy arrived, he found two dogs locked in the home, two ducks in a pen outside and a cat.

The deputy also noted it was clear the house was vacant, writing there wasn’t any food or water in sight, the floor was covered in dog feces and the electric had been turned off.

“The statute is clear, it’s very simple. One line — you abandon them, it’s a violation,” Dragovich said.

Brittany Hume was arrested Tuesday. She’s free on $5,000 bond.

Her husband, Jeffrey Hume, has a warrant out for his arrest.

The ducks, now named Laverne and Shirley, are being cared for by Birds in Flight Sanctuary. The Trumbull County Dog Warden took one of the dogs and said a neighbor is caring for the other two animals.

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