CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN)- A couple from Campbell was cited after a large pig was removed from their home.

On April 29, Campbell police were made aware that Courtney Kline had a large pig living in her basement on Chambers Street.

Police were able to confirm that Kline did have a pig living at the house. An informant told police that the large pig named Oreo was not getting exercise, sunlight, or fresh air and that it was not receiving veterinary care. The report said that the pig was using the bathroom in its living area.

A local farm animal rescue was contacted but said it did not have room at that time to take the animal and to check back in a few weeks.

On June 14, officers went to Kline’s home and told her that she was not allowed to have a pig due to the Campbell city ordinance. Kline was defensive when police tried to check on the welfare of the pig, saying that the pig is an emotional support animal that is well taken care of, according to a police report.

Later that afternoon, Kline said that she moved the pig to a farm in Geauga County because she did not want officers to slaughter it, according to a report.

The next day, officers saw a note that was dated June 14 that read:

“If you are here for Oreo I moved her because you said she wasn’t allowed in. The countless police, fire, and the mayor knows that she’s been in Campbell since the day I got her when she was 6 days old, October 3, 2020. She is not a farm animal. She is my emotional support animal and like my own kid she not gotten out or bit or gone after anyone.”

Officers then canceled a removal request for a farm animal rescue that was going to get the pig on June 17.

On June 28, an informant told police that Kline was lying to police and that they believed the pig was still there, according to a police report.

On July 8, officers obtained a search warrant and went inside the house along with representatives from the farm rescue. No one was home at the time, but they found a 300 lb. pig on its side in the basement. Officers said that the room was dark, dingy, and had an overpowering stench of urine and ammonia.

Rescued pig from Campbell home

The report said that the pig was suffering from several health problems and couldn’t stand on it’s own.

During the search of the house, a neighbor came over holding a phone with Cortney Kline on the other end. Officers said Kline screamed at them saying they had no right to remove the pig, according to a police report.

Reports said Cortney’s husband Shawn Kline called police screaming at them saying, “You better not move that pig. I am on my way there now! If you even think about removing my pig I am going to rage, and I will kill all you f*** there.”

The report said that it took approximately six people to remove the pig by placing it onto a stretcher and placing the stretcher into a large bag. Rescue workers said that the pig was continuously defecating, which was not normal.

Cortney Kline is charged with keeping and maintaining wild animals, obstructing official business, cruelty to animals, and prohibitions concerning companion animals. Shawn Kline is charged with aggravated menacing.