Couple buys struggling Boardman bakery to keep workers with special needs employed

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"They are the heart of the business," said Shaun DaVill, the new owner of Crumbles Bakery

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – When a Boardman business focused on helping its employees succeed wasn’t doing so well, a couple from Lisbon stepped in to buy it — while never losing sight of the business’ true essence.

Crumbles Bakery on Market Street has been a staple in the community for years. It’s known for employing people with special needs and making sure they feel a part of the community.

Soon, it will be another location for a local nitrogen ice cream shop — N2 by DaVill Creams and Crumbles Nitrogen Ice Cream and Bakery.

Aaron Jackson has been working at Crumbles Bakery for five years.

“I love working here,” he said.

The bakery employs people with special needs through a program called Turning Point Residential.

The business started struggling because the owners were so focused on helping their employees. That’s when Shaun DaVill stepped in.

“What’s happening here is so important because it’s giving jobs to these people who, without this bakery, won’t have a job,” he said.

Shaun said the difference Crumbles Bakery is making in the lives of its employees is huge.

“The feeling that they get just knowing that what they’re doing is being consumed, and bought and enjoyed.”

In early August, Shaun and his husband, Wayte, bought the bakery. They are now turning it into another location for their nitrogen ice cream business, N2 by DaVill.

Even under a new name and ownership, Shaun wanted to make sure they didn’t lose the essence of what makes Crumbles what it is.

“Oh yes, I’m happy when I work here!” Aaron said.

The employees.

“I learned something new and I’m happy when the finished product is done,” Aaron said.

“It’s the heart of the business,” Shaun said. “They are the heart of the business.”

Like five-year employee Terry, who is also September’s person of the month. This month, Terry’s signature caramel and chocolate covered pretzel is the featured product.

Shaun said it’s a priority to make sure these people always have a place to work no matter what.

“This gives them life fulfillment, it gives them life skills.”

The name change isn’t taking away what gives this business heart.

“It gives them a place to go where they belong and they’re really doing amazing stuff,” DaVill said.

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