YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – People across Ohio are placing their bets now that sports gambling is legal. The new law means lots of money for the state, but there are also concerns about what it means for potential gambling addictions.

The excitement is high for sports betters in Ohio. From your phone to the casino, to brick-and-mortar sites and even grocery stores, you can sports bet from just about anywhere. But how do you know when you’re gambling is spiraling out of control?

Stephanie Geer is Meridian Healthcare’s Problem Gambling Coordinator. She says addiction is a progressive illness.

“It can take time for a person to develop an addiction. A lot of times when people start, it starts as fun. It’s something that’s part of our culture,” Geer said.

Signs of trouble can include when a person exaggerates wins and minimizes losses, or when they try to hide their gambling or borrow money to gamble. Another sign is restlessness or irritability with someone who is trying to cut back on gambling.

Greer said sports betting is one of the riskier forms of gambling. She said one in four who partici[pate in sports betting is at risk for problem gambling, and money is what feeds the addiction.

“People who start borrowing from credit cards, from payday loans, from relatives, using their bill money to gamble and finding all of these different ways to continue to gamble. That’s where we can have an extreme amount of debt that can develop from a gambling disorder,” Geer said.

Meridian Healthcare has a problem gambling program that is grant funded so there are no out-of-pocket costs for treatment.

Ohio for Responsible Gambling also offers resources and information on how to gamble responsibly.