Councilman announces he’s running for Youngstown mayor ‘to make a real shift’

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"I want to connect with the people of the city so they can tell ME what is needed," he said in a statement

Julius Oliver

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – First Ward Councilman Julius Oliver announced he’ll be running for Youngstown mayor in the May 4 Democratic primary.

In a statement released Wednesday, Oliver said he’s for the people — not politics.

You don’t need me, WE need US. I’m not interested in winning an election. I’m interested in change and refocusing priorities. The political games only benefit the politicians and the politics. But what about the people?

That’s why you won’t catch me participating in the games. My campaign will be centered around action. Why wait until I win an election to start? I already do what I can right now to push this community forward. That will never stop. And if I find a candidate more qualified and more focused on the people of Youngstown than I am, they will have my vote.

Until then, I’m running to put myself in a position to make a REAL shift. The title doesn’t mean a thing without the integrity. So no, I don’t have a heartwarming speech full of manipulative words or empty promises. I want to connect with the people of the city so they can tell ME what is needed. Then it’s time for that action.

Don’t just listen to me. Watch me. Be inspired and join the effort.

Oliver spoke to 27 First News after he filed to run Wednesday.

“We can do all the economic development, we can do all the education help with social systems, but if we actually engage our citizens to be able to change their mindset, to be able to show them love and receive love for the change needs to happen, then we are gonna still be in the same position,” Oliver said.

On Tuesday, Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown filed for reelection, and Republican Tracey Winbush announced she will be running in the election for Youngstown mayor as well.

Wednesday, Ryan Kelly also announced plans to run against Brown in the Democratic primary for mayor. Kelly is a resident of the city’s 5th ward and said he intends to file later this afternoon.

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