BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Your home insurance covers the amount of your mortgage, but as costs keep going up, so does the amount of insurance coverage it takes to replace your home in a disaster. We talked with an insurance agent on how to make sure you’re covered.

With the rising costs of labor and supplies, you might be underinsured if something happens to your home.

Boardman insurance agent Rocco Nolfi says the cost of repairing and building homes in the last year has risen.

“Really this past year, just with our losses, even our minor losses, if there’s roof damage or water damage, a lot of these cost $5-6,000. Now, we’re seeing $10-15,000. It’s been a big jump,” Nolfi said.

He says some insurance companies automatically increase the replacement cost coverage amount to help keep up with inflation, which also increases the insurance rate for the homeowner. But, he has seen a huge jump in what’s needed for adequate coverage. He says if anyone is concerned that they don’t have enough coverage, to reach out to their agent.

“Have that discussion. Make sure. You know, there may have been improvements that the homeowner did that there’s no way of us knowing unless you let us know, but it’s important that we do so we can make sure we can get that coverage to where it needs to be,” Nolfi said.

He says homeowners aren’t the only ones who are affected. If you rent a house or apartment, you might want to increase your renters policy to cover the rising cost of replacing your belongings.

“That’s something too. You can just call your agent and make sure they increase the replacement cost coverage for the personal property to make sure we’re keeping up with the inflation on your property as well,” Nolfi said.

Nolfi says he doesn’t see the cost of these insurance policies coming down any time soon because of the continued bump in inflation.