MERCER COUNTY, Pa. (WKBN) – The Mercer County Coroner has confirmed the numbers and identities from the farmhouse fire Friday morning. They also officially found the third child, fifth victim in the rubble Tuesday morning.

According to Coroner John Libonati, the identities of the victims are Elizabeth Seltzer, 33, mother, Jordan Seltzer, 1, Ainsley Seltzer, 3, and Paisley Seltzer, 6.

The coroner is waiting on out-of-state medical records to identify the second adult and fifth victim, male.

The causes of death will take weeks to determine.

Officials planned a coordinated search with equipment Tuesday to search the debris from the fire further to look for the fifth victim, whom they found.

The impact of the tragedy has been widespread.

“It affects the whole community and people want to help, and I get it. The way that they can help is really help those first responders that are putting forth their life and safety and mental health to perform those duties,” Libonati said.

State Police Fire Marshal and local officials are working to find the cause of the fire.