YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A vendor contract change at Mercy Health prompted layoff notices for about 88 employees.

Crothall Healthcare will no longer provide hospitality services for the hospital. HHS, LLC has contracted with Mercy Health to take over those duties.

Notices were sent to 88 employees saying that layoffs will impact workers at St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital. The positions impacted include housekeeper (66), patient ambassador(1), patient transporter (16), technician (1), unit director (1) and operations manager (3).

Mercy Health issued the following statement Monday saying that those employees are guaranteed employment with the new company:

Mercy Health is contracting HHS, LLC to serve as our new vendor for hospitality services. All employees impacted by this change, including those previously employed by Crothall Healthcare, are guaranteed employment with HHS, LLC to continue serving in their current position if they choose to do so. All other questions can be directed to HHS, LLC.

Mercy Health