Continuing rain makes cleanup from weekend storms even harder

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A tree put holes in one woman's roof, sent shingles flying and took down another tree in her backyard

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Many people are still cleaning up from this weekend’s storms, and with more rain on the way this week, everyone is ready for some dry weather.

For Carol Bain, the sound of chainsaws tells her she isn’t the only one whose home was hit during Sunday’s storm.

“It literally slammed right into the front of our house. It was just like a big wall of light coming right straight at our house,” she said.

It put holes in her roof, sent shingles flying and took down a large tree in her backyard.

Just behind Bain’s now uprooted property, another homeowner is dealing with damage.

“The way it came down on his garage and that back patio and smashed up his grill and everything, it’s pretty crazy,” said Kain Marshall, who works for Bazetta Tree.

Marshall says although they’ve been very busy with cleanup, the continuous rain makes everything take longer.

“We’re so backed up with everything and then these storms come through and back us up more,” he said.

Catty-corner to that mess, Jerry Albert is cleaning up his son’s yard after a tree took out a chunk of his roof.

“He got a call from his neighbor saying, ‘Hey, you better come home right now. A tree just fell on your house,'” he said.

Albert is glad everyone is safe, but is still hoping the rain will stop so he can plan more activities outside with his grandkids.

“It’s crazy. I spent some time in Florida in the winter and I got home and I should have stayed in Florida,” he said.

So in agreement with these Valley residents, this year’s motto is “rain, rain, go away, don’t come back another day.”

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