BAZETTA, Ohio (WKBN) – Trumbull County commissioners have to put the brakes on plans to build a vaccine facility at the fairgrounds.

The original plan was that the entire building and its construction could be bought through state purchasing.

But, in a 2019 opinion from the attorney general, it was stated that construction costs need to be bid out.

Now there are questions about moving forward with a building when there is a push to get people vaccinated by the end of May.

“It’s not closing the door on that but again, from a time perspective, it makes it a little bit more difficult when you talk about the viability of this moving forward,” said commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa.

“The construction costs are listed on the purchasing site so it should be included with the building, which it is, but that doesn’t stop us, it slows us down,” said Combined Health District Board member Jack Simon.

Simon said legal counsel for the Trumbull County Combined Health District Board called the attorney general’s 2019 opinion weak and flawed. He’s disappointed, but not giving up.