Conservation-focused tree farm in Columbiana Co. wins state award for best of the year

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The Brammer Family Tree Farm promotes growing renewable forest resources

(WKBN) – Deep in Columbiana County, the state recognized a tree farm near Salineville.

The Brammer Family Tree Farm is Ohio’s “Tree Farm of the Year.” It’s not a commercial growing operation but a tree farm more for harvesting and featuring conservation.

“Really proud. You never really think about what you do until you sit down and add everything up,” said Randy Brammer.

It was recognized in three areas, starting with invasive species control, like the Multi-Flower Rose.

“It’s a viney, bushy plant that comes in and basically takes over the forest floor,” Brammer said.

Brammer gets rid of 92% of it.

He also practices cull cutting, which removes trees that restrict good trees.

“So that the upcoming trees give them time to get up to a size that is saw-log size,” Brammer said.

The trees are sold to saw mills.

Brammer Tree Farm also promotes growing renewable forest resources. They planted 1,000 trees this April, which are all currently 1 foot tall and can grow 4 to 6 inches a year. The trees may be hard to see right now because of the other vegetation, which keeps deer from eating them.

“The wildlife benefit — the fish, the animals. It just helps nature,” Brammer said.

The Brammers planted Maple trees, which will produce syrup, Poplar, which will attract wildlife and Hickory, which will yield expensive hardwoods in 50 years. Their plan is working, plus it promotes a healthy forest.

“Let’s try this, do this, this will help that. It just puts everything in perspective of why we’re doing stuff,” Randy said.

There’s a tour of the Brammer Family Tree Farm on Aug. 29, which is sure to attract hundreds of people from around the state. The tree farm will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you park at Southern Local High School, a bus will take you to the farm.

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