Congressman Ryan says recent changes to USPS operations will undermine voting process

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Tim Ryan called any action to undermine the U.S. Postal Service "irresponsible"

(WKBN) – The man in charge of the United States Postal Service has been under fire recently for some proposed changes coming just ahead of the November election. But, complaints from local postal workers and others finally got through.

The people who carry America’s mail insist they can handle the added burden of delivering tens of millions of mailed election ballots, as long as they’re given the time to do it.

“It’s not a problem of capacity, it’s a problem of the policy that’s going on right now,” said John Dyce, with the National Association of Letter Carriers.

But local members of the Letter Carriers union complain they’ve seen overtime hours reduced recently and equipment removed from post offices across the country.

“We’re a service industry. We provide a service to the American public and it seems that we’re cutting back on our services. I don’t know how that can help us at all,” said Henry Gomez, also with the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Tuesday morning, the workers made their concerns known to Valley Congressman Tim Ryan, who called any action to undermine the Postal Service — including recent comments from President Donald Trump suggesting mail-in ballots will cause problems — “irresponsible.”

“I don’t think that we should be casting doubt. We should be moving machines, we should be doing anything with regard to the workers unless it’s gonna enhance the ability, get us through the election in an effective way until after the election,” Ryan said.

Apparently, that message being spread across the country got through. Tuesday afternoon, the nation’s postmaster general ordered a stop to the removal of equipment and said overtime will be available as needed to get mail processed.

Still, Ryan used Tuesday morning’s event to remind voters to get their absentee ballots in at least two weeks early.

“I think the only concern with the workers and the postmaster is that, if all the ballots come in on Friday before the election, then there will be an issue,” Ryan said.

One that Ryan and the workers admit could keep ballots from arriving on time.

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